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Detail of Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs, Nathan Rapoport, 1964, Philadelphia. Photo by author.

Stony Brook University, NYC, April 1-2, 2011
Call for Papers due January 13th
This conference isn’t specifically about memorials.  However, memorials seem to fit within the objectives.
Conference description: Redemption evokes both the threat of and promise inherent in the experience of loss, for it never hides the sense or the scene of destruction accompanying potential rescue. The agon(y) of the exchange is often chaotic. This conference explores questions such as: What constitutes being in a state from which one would want to be redeemed? In what ways is the act of creation itself a redemptive, cathartic, or therapeutic act?  How does art that deals with redemption reflect tensions between theological and secular significations? What role does reparation – the reconciliation of disparate elements, and the balance between destruction and construction – play in art and creative thought broadly construed?
Keynote speaker: Professor Kaja Silverman, University of Pennsylvania.
For more information, see

Memory and Representation
University of Oregon, Eugene, April 21-22, 2011
Call for Papers due February 4th
Conference description: The symposium will focus on the visual culture of commemoration, documentation, and memorialization and will examine the variant roles of the arts in the representation of memory.
Keynote speaker: Professor Jordana Mendelson of New York University.  She is author of Documenting Spain: Artists, Exhibition Culture, and the Modern Nation, 1929-1939 and curator of the recent exhibition “Revistas y guerra: La guerra civil española y la cultura impresa” at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid.
For information, check out the announcement posted on UPenn’s website:

Moralities in the Visual Arts
University of California, Santa Barbara, April 29-30, 2011
Call for Papers due December 31st
Again, this conference isn’t specifically about memorials.  However, memorials seem to fit within the scope.
Conference description: The conference hopes to explore various moral systems as they are manifested in visual materials. They ask what ethical purpose(s) are expressed through the visual arts? What are the moral responsibilities of artists, architects, historians, curators, and audiences? How do value systems figure into the production, display, and collection of visual culture?
Keynote speaker: Richard Dyer, Professor of Film Studies, King’s College, London has published widely on aspects of race and sexuality in film and popular culture and will share some of his ongoing research.
For more information,

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